One of the main missions of the Museum of Zoology is education. To this end, there have always been close links with schools of all grades and levels, which over time have brought thousands of children to visit.

The Museum has partnered with high schools on several projects and has also hosted "work-school" projects (together with the Liceo Galileo Galilei and the Archimede Industrial Technical Institute of Catania) which saw the children work as zoological and naturalistic communicators, making description panels of the animals on display and working as guides to students from other visiting schools.

For middle schools, on the other hand, several guided tours are planned with specific topics suggested by visiting teachers in accordance with the ones covered in the school program (for example, adaptations, invertebrates, the origin of life, biomes, etc.) .

Moreover, thanks also to the partnership with the National Scientific Degree Plan, the museum also works as a continuous training center for teachers, hosting conferences, conventions, film and documentary reviews on topics related to sciences in general and in particular to various themes of biological and natural sciences.