Activities for schools

The Museum of Zoology together with its activities and initiatives aimed at schools, represents a perfect tool in the field of guidance and continuing education. In fact, the museum allows to carry out several activitis aimed to orientation; for example, in addition to didactic visits aimed at students of all grades, it allows the realization of "school-work alternation" projects, internships at school and/or university level, support for high school students and help for the realization of term papers on a naturalistic topic , etc. Furthermore, it allows laboratory and orientation activities by highlighting the effects on fauna of a poor relationship between man and nature.

The Zoology museum allows you to explore the chances of survival of various animal species subjected to the effects of climate change, deforestation, competition from alien species, the invasion of microplastics in the sea, etc. All these topics don't just spread informations, but also improve ethical awareness and highlight the need  for these young future citizens to apply new and more sustainable daily behaviors to be an example for others as well.

In addition, the Museum of Zoology organizes, thanks to the support of university researchers and using the university's teaching facilities, a whole series of initiatives such as monthly conferences, showings of environmental documentaries and films, conferences with the participation of Italian and foreign guests operating working on scientific and/or naturalistic topics at universities which, in addition to informing the public and in particular secondary school students, also gives a chance to school teachers of scientific subjects to upgrade their knowledge by bringing the results and methodologies of different scientific and naturalistic disciplines, which in turn teachers will be able to integrate them into their teaching programs.

The activities described above will be developed by the Museum of Zoology as part of the PLS (Environmental and Natural Sciences) project together with secondary schools will improve relations between the school system and the university system. Furthermore, again as part of the PLS, other activities will be carried out and implemented in the first years of university teaching of the degree courses of scientific/naturalistic address, thanks to the realization of internships and tutoring programs, where the Zoology museum will act as a partner and as a support tool for the training activities of university tutors.

This will ensure that the PLS accompanies a secondary school student who wants to successfully undertake university studies in the scientific field through their entire course.
Below are the six actions of the PLS, in which the Museum of Zoology will take part in various capacities:

    ACTION 1 - Orientation to enrollment, promoting gender balance
    ACTION 2 - Reduction of dropout rates
    ACTION 3 - Training, support and monitoring of tutors' activities
    ACTION 4 - Laboratories for teaching basic sciences
    ACTION 5 - Self-assessment didactic activities
    ACTION 6 - Teacher training